I am putting together a very brief presentation about flipping an LMS with an open + collaborative platform. Here is what I’ve got so far:

Flip it Good! Flipping the LMS with an Open + Collaborative Platform
Do you have unmet pedagogical goals due to the constraints of your current LMS? Do you want to have a better experience for your students and yourself? In preparing his Fall 2015 CMPT-363 (User Interface Design) course at Simon Fraser University, instructor and interaction designer Paul Hibbitts faced these same challenges. His solution was to ‘flip the LMS’ by designing and developing an alternative front-end to the institutional LMS Canvas (http://paulhibbitts.net/cmpt-363-153/). In this approach, the LMS was used only for elements it was best suited for (i.e. student records, grades, etc.) with all other elements handled by an open extensible platform completely under his control.

Based on the positive feedback of his students and his own experience, he decided to create an open source course hub built with the CMS (Content Management System) Grav to help other instructors get started in flipping their LMS with an open + collaborative platform.

In this presentation Paul will share his flipped-LMS approach and introduce his ready-to-run open source Grav Course Hub for use by other educators.

In-progress Slides

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