version 1.3 is now available. Highlights include support for #Markdown footnotes (with thanks and appreciation to GitHub user sy-records), two Docsify-This Markdown templates and further use of local assets for tracker-free rendering when displaying standard Markdown files (thanks for the valuable input

Docsify-This screenshot
Figure 1 - Docsify-This Web app

Docsify-This screenshot
Figure 2 - Docsify-This one page course template.

Docsify-This screenshot
Figure 3 - Docsify-This one page article template.

Docsify-This screenshot
Figure 4 - GitHub Markdown file of Docsify-This one page article template.

Let’s review the steps to go from a GitHub Markdown file to a web page with Docsify-This:

  1. Create or view a Markdown file on GitHub and copy the URL
  2. Go to, paste the URL into the Web Page Builder (shown below), and tap the “View as Standalone Web Page” button
  3. That’s it, there is no step 3 and no need to setup your own website!

The Docsify-This open source project might just now be the easiest way to turn a GitHub Markdown file into a simple web page (and begin to benefit from the possibilities of a Markdown publishing workflow)!

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