I am excited to be part of SFU’s DEMOfest this year, where I will be presenting and discussing with my fellow educators the advantages of using the Canvas LMS with Grav:

Canvas Assessment Strengths

  • Assignment submissions and rubrics
  • Surveys, quizzes, and graded discussion forums
  • Multi-course calendar and gradebook
    A safe place for student assignments and data, and where most of our students are!

Grav Content Management System Strengths

  • Free open source software (FOSS) project
  • A modern flat-file (no database) CMS, which supports custom page types and modular content
  • The platform-independent format Markdown is supported, and pages remain as individual files
  • Fully extensible, with support for HTML, CSS, Twig, JavaScript, Google Fonts, YAML, etc.
    For tech-savvy educators a modern and flexible platform under their full control!

Grav Open Course Hub Project

  • Ready-to-run FOSS project, which includes the Grav CMS
  • Provides a blog-like homepage, with areas for important reminders and class preparations
  • Example schedule, resources and syllabus pages are included, and custom pages can be added
  • Provides a ‘chromeless’ mode, perfect for embedding multi-device friendly pages into Canvas
  • Ability to easily sync content to a Git (GitLab, GitHub, etc.) repository using the Git Sync Plugin
  • Git repository enables student contributions, support for desktop mirroring/editing, and 5R’s of OER
  • Edit content with the app of your choice, and easily upload your changes using GitHub Desktop
    A ready-to-run package designed to support a blended course, inside or outside of Canvas!

Want to learn more?

Modern Flat-file Grav CMS
Website: getgrav.org

Example Canvas Course with Grav CMS
canvas.sfu.ca/courses/34140 (paulhibbitts.net/cmpt-363-173)

Grav Open Course Hub
Demo: demo.hibbittsdesign.org/grav-course-hub
Docs: learn.hibbittsdesign.org/coursehub
GitHub: github.com/hibbitts-design

Presentation Slides

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