While I’ve been heads-down with my SFU CMPT-363 User Interface Design course, I’ve just released a theme settings update for my Grav Open Course Hub and Open Publishing Space projects. Based on feedback from @MakaryGo, these changes are intended to better group/present Git Sync and custom menu options.

Open Publishing Options
Figure 1 - Open Publishing Options

Custom Menu Options
Figure 2 - Custom Menu Options

Git Sync Link Options
Figure 3 - Git Sync Link Options

With the big release of Grav 1.7 getting closer and closer, I’ve also been testing and preparing all of my Grav projects and themes for this sure to be very eventful release (esp. with the initial support of Flex Pages, for the fast delivery of much larger sites).

Here is another sneak peek at the upcoming Admin Panel Pages list, optimized for handling and navigating even the largest of sites (Grav MultiCourse Hub shown)👇

Grav 1.7 Flex Pages Admin Panel
Figure 4 - Grav 1.7 Flex Pages Admin Panel

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