It’s a launch: here is the (mostly open) learning ecosystem I’ve assembled for this Fall’s Simon Fraser University CMPT-363 User Interface Design course.

Learning Ecosystem for CMPT-363 @ SFU 2017
Figure 1. Learning Ecosystem for CMPT-363 @ SFU 2017.

It was created to support the pedagogical goals for the course while also delivering a better experience for both my students and myself (oh my!). Open source software plays an essential role in the ecosystem, with the modern and database free Grav CMS as the central environment for the course (and a single URL), with linkages to Rocket.Chat, Swipe, Sandstorm and SFU’s Canvas LMS.

Using an institutionally-hosted GitLab instance gives students the direct ability to shape (and contribute to) the Open Course Hub while giving me, the instructor, a highly efficient Markdown-based Git workflow - with updates to Course Hub content in as little as 30 seconds.🚀

Interested in seeing this learning ecosystem in action? Visit the early-preview of the CMPT 363 Course Hub at

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