Once you start using Grav you will also (more than likely) start using Markdown more than you used to. Wouldn’t it be great to apply your new Markdown skills to other aspects of your work? Well, recently I was introduced to the Markdown-based slides Web app swipe.to (thank you Bryan!) and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far.

Here is my first swipe.to deck - the slides for my upcoming hands-on studio “Moving Beyond the LMS with Grav” at the upcoming Festival of Learning education conference.

One of my favorite features of swipe is it’s ‘View as a Vertical’ option which presents all the content of a slidedeck as one long page - try it out with the above deck (found in the ‘…’ menu on the lower-right) or view it directly at swipe.to/vertical/4340n.

Interested in what things look like behind the scenes? It’s just Markdown (well, no kidding), which means the possibility of direct content reuse in Grav and as well collaborative editing using industry-standard tools like GitHub, GitLab, etc. Here is the Markdown I used to create that presentation:

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